The Preface to Advocacy Project

What is something you wish you knew before getting into advocacy?

What is a tip you’d give to someone who wants to start advocating?

The Preface to Advocacy Project was started by asking advocates around the world to answer these two questions. Their insight was compiled in one document to start a conversation on what you should know when starting your own advocacy journey.

Meant to empower advocates, The Preface to Advocacy Project aims to give an inside look at everything from what to consider before you commit to advocacy, the emotional realities of advocating, to the difficulties and rewards encountered while advocating, and more.

Advocacy is in Your Hands

The Document

The Preface to Advocacy Project document is a collection of advocates’ answers to the above questions. It gets to the heart of what it means to be an advocate. Read this preamble to existing advocacy resources to learn what it means to advocate.

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Advocacy Insight

Advocacy is better together. The document is meant to be a living document – one that will grow with the input of advocates everywhere. If you are an advocate, we want to hear your answers to the questions above. Add your tips here.

Add Your Insight

History of The Project

Arising from discussions among advocates around the world, The Preface to Advocacy Project and initial document was developed to fill the gaps between existing between advocates thinking of starting to speak up and tool kits that already exist.

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Before Jumping In

Many thanks to those who contributed to The Preface to Advocacy Project. Their input in responding to a tweet made this project possible.

We know many people did not have a chance to contribute but hope this space will give them a chance to share what they know and help new advocates learn.

While aimed for new advocates, those in any stage of their advocacy, including seasoned experts. Advocacy is dynamic and we can all learn from each other.

Please share The Preface to Advocacy Project with other advocates whether in your blog posts or throughout your organization. Let us know how it’s helped you and your fellow advocates.

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