Just a few notes about the site and its development.

  1. Who owns this site?
    This site and all contents it contains is owned and operated by Erin Gilmer. As listed on the History page, she has received no compensation for creating this site or the materials on it.
  2. What happens when I submit a comment or message to add my insight?
    Any comments or messages will be reviewed by the site administrator before being posted on the site as part of The Preface to Advocacy Project. If a message or comment is accepted, it will be posted on the New Advocacy Advice page. There is no timeline by which these posts may be published.
  3. Will all comments or messages be posted?
    Not all messages or comments will be approved as not all insight given will be appropriate for this site. The site administrator has the sole decision making authority on what will be posted. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that in any message or comment and we will do our best to keep your name private. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.
  4. What do you see as next step for The Preface to Advocacy Project?
    Currently, the idea for The Preface to Advocacy Project is to distribute the document created with insight from advocates and allow people to submit comments and message. This is new and since the site administrator is disabled and cannot work on this full time, plans beyond that are limited. It may take time to update the site with messages or comments made or to respond to emails. The site is fairly simple at this point and hopefully in time it can grow to add new features and improve aspects of design and functionality.
  5. Can I share what’s on the site?
    Please do share! Feel free to blog about this site or point others to the information here. If you quote any portion of the document, please give proper attribution to Erin or the other advocates within the document. Similarly, if you distribute the document to others, please give proper attribution. We would also love to hear any feedback you get from those with whom you share it!

Please be patient as The Preface to Advocacy Project starts. I hope this is the beginning of something positive but it may take some time to develop.

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